Dennis Quaid Profile

Name: Dennis William Quaid
Birth Date: April 9, 1954
Parents: Juanita Bonniedale (real estate agent) and William Rudy Quaid (electrician)
Educational Background
Pershing Middle School
University of Houston
Dennis Quaid has 60 films on the records both comedy and drama. Here are some of his movies:
Breaking Away (1979)
The Right Stuff (1983)
Enemy mine (19850
Innerspace (1987)
Wyatt Earp (1994)
Pandorum (2009)
Legion (2010)
He have been awarded and nominated several times for his skill in acting.
for the movie Far From Heaven (2002)
nominated by the following:
Screen Actors Guild Awards
Women of his life
Pamela Jayne Hardon - married on November 25, 1978 - divorced on January 23, 1983
Meg Ryan - married February 14, 1991 - divorced on June 16, 2001
Kimberly Buffington - married on July 4, 2004
Jack Henry ( April 24, 1992)
Thomas Boone (November 8, 2007)
Zoe Grace (November 8, 2007)
Quaid also is a musician and he has a band called Sharks. He is a scratch golfer and was the top golfer in Hollywood by the year 2005. Believe it or not but Dennis is a licensed pilot. He works for a charity, the International Hospital for Children in New Orleans, Louisiana. A kind hearted man as well who often visits Central America to help build medical clinics or transport sick children who can not be cured by local hospitals.

General Hawk

General hawk is the code name for Major General Clayton M. Abernathy. Born from a wealthy family of Denver, Colorado. He graduated as the top of the class at West Point. General hawk is an excellent leader who gained his experience from different battles. He is mostly describe as a "keenly intelligent and perceptive and quite capable of totally selfless acts in support of his team-mates.
He was a field commanding officer of the JOE's before he became the commander in chief. general hawk is responsible for recruiting the original GI Joe team when he was still the colonel. The Joe's respected him for his bravery and splendid leadership skills.
General Clayton lead the GI Joe team from the intrusion of the Cobra. What keep him busy are the operations at the Pit. Even general he still go with the team at battlefields.

Storm Shadow to Shoot GI Joe Sequel

Byung-Hun Lee as Storm shadow of the movie GI Joe : Rise of Cobra stated in a Korean News that he is filming for the sequel of the movie at the end of this year and into 2010. according to (translated in English) "Top star Lee Byeong-Heon is in the new Hollywood film, "G.I. Joe 2"! Byung-Hun Lee is also contracted for the GI Joe 3, that just tell how good Byung-Hun Lee is in portraying the villain storm shadow. Those storm shadow fanatic will be much happier to see him in all GI Joe movie.

General Hawk Ready to shoot for GI JOE Sequel

Dennis Quaid as Gen. Hawk of the GI Joe : Rise of Cobra states that he is ready
for the sequel of the movie.
In an exclusive interview Quaid said that he is interested for the sequel
even though he did not know if there is a script already. That just shows his being so professional
keeping ready for the movie by studying the script.
Fans so love Gen. Hawk that they were two thumbs up for him being in the sequel.
The veteran actor does have one special request for Gen. Hawk in G.I. Joe 2. "I want to get out of the pit," says Quaid. "I want to ride a horse and shoot a gun. I want a horse with an accelerator suit." (Sci FI interview with Quaid)
So lets just waite and see if Gen hawk will ride his horse with accelerator suit in the sequel.

GI JOE Sequel on Development

It is not the rate of how good a movie is or how positive or negative its reviews are that leds a movie to its sequel, but the earning it garnered or if it is a box office hit.
GI JOE: Rise of Cobra may get its worst review in fact it got a 39% rating on rotten tomatoes but it can not stop it from having a sequel.
The movie has approximately 100 million dollars box office worlwide with 56.2 million dollars stateside.
Rob Moore vice-chairman of Paramount Studios confirmed to an LA Times article that a sequel is to be so soon.


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